About us

INGREMA is certified to  ISO, Halal and RSPO standards and supplies its customers with stabilisers/emulsifying systems that are safe to use. Some of our customers have been with us for many years and range from small businesses to national and international food companies .
They all benefit from our specialist technical support in every area of the food industry.  

Our long-term business success is based upon sustainable trading, continuity , reliability and financial security. We also continuously  develop our business , whilst retaining our traditional strengths . 

The overall range of services we offer is rounded off with contract mixing orders and the sale of raw materials.

1996: The company was set up with external production 

2009: Our own production, storage and application laboratory in Güttingen/Switzerland 

2010: ISO 22000 certification 

2014: RSPO certification 

2016: Installation and commissioning of the largest solar power plant in the region, meeting our own demand and that of over 75 households 

2017: Halal certification

Take a virtual look at our production facilities and solar power plant.